Lost Boy Laughs

April 20th, 2014-LB on Facebook….
*looks over shoulder at Xavier who is working on her computer, paying no attention to us**smiles famously*So this is it? This is where she talks about us?Aiden shrugs. “I guess.”Could use a little more “us” don’t you think?

“That’s the line you told me to convince me to hack into it Justin.”

Oh hack is such a negative word.

*I ignore the sarcastic look he’s giving me*

This is going to be fun….

04/21/14 LB on Facebook….
Photo: Which author would you most want to call, if you were given the opportunity?  Image via http://www.buzzfeed.com/hnew92/16-quotes-that-will-make-you-want-to-cuddle-up-wit-9qja?sub=2929979_2315055
I could call Xavier or I could simply yell at her from across the room, however she has tendency to ignore me….”Can you blame her?”*Rolls eyes at Peter*At least she likes me more than she likes you…”That’s not true.”

She says it all the time.

“I’ve never heard her say that.” Takes a bite of an apple. “Then again her mouth moves alot and all I hear is annoying buzz. Kind of like when Peyton talks.”

Point Proven…

04/21/14 LB on Facebook….
Photo: Hit with at BRILLIANT story idea today at dinner/on the way home! It's gonna be awesome...  <3
*Points to the picture uploaded on Xavier’s homepage*You think this is about us?”God I hope not.” Peter stares at the picture. Shrugs, “That dude looks better than you do in a suit though.”*Raises eyebrows* Excuse me?”You heard me. In fact maybe she should write a book about him instead. Probably better than anything with you in it.”

You’re like the worse friend ever.

Peter winks.

(You think he’s bad now, wait ’til you see him in all his glory in Get Lost…)

04/28/14 LB on Facebook…..
Photo: Wise thing to remember. And that's not even the worst of it...
Why do I feel like this is about us?Belle stops twirling her gum, “Because you feel like everything is about us.””No. You. You feel like everything is about you Justin,” Peter corrects her.*Roll my eyes at them both, ignoring their comments* I shouldn’t be worried. She LOVES me. She tells people that all the time. And Peyton. And Belle. And Aiden. And Eiden. In fact the only one who royally gets on her nerves is you Peter.”He royally gets on everyone’s nerves. That doesn’t sound like a good reason to kill him.” Belle winks and shoves the gum back in her mouth. “If I can put up with him this long…she should at least give it sometime.”

Now slightly annoyed Peter gripes, “Hey!”

*I nod at this fact* True.

“You can’t have a Peter Pan book without me…”

Sure. But no one said this book was a Peter Pan book exactly. She always says it’s about The Lost Boys. *smiles wickedly* Maybe your days are numbered Pan…

Peter rises to his feet and grunts, “Maybe YOUR days are number Justin…” He storms off dramatically, leaving out the front door.

*Glances over at Belle*

She pops her gum and sighs, “You’re both such a pain I hope both of your days are numbered…” Giggling to herself she shrugs, “at least around me.”

*I glare at her* She smiles brightly. I don’t say another word. It’s okay. You’re all gonna love me, so Xavier will keep me around….right?

04/28/14 LB on Facebook….
*Jabs finger in Aiden’s shoulder* Now.He groans, “She’s gonna be even more mad at me.”*Shrugs* Eh, she’ll get over it. She always does. Now do your computer magic and tell people to go visit our page.Aiden lets out a heavy sigh. Logs into Xavier’s personal page. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. What do you want me to say?”*Strokes chin in thought* *Gets distracted by all of Xavier’s pretty friends that are on line.* Is that her sister? *points to Blamegirl Says*

Aiden nods. “Can you focus please? Xavier will be back on any minute now…”

Right. Let’s keep it sweet and romantic like me…

Aiden rolls his eyes. “Alright here goes….”


*Pleased I nod* Looks good…

Paranoid because Xavier is headed back to her computer, he whispers, “Can we go now?”


05/07/14 LB on Fbook….

*Strokes chin* So let me get this straight? We are the focus of the day?

Peyton stares at me blankly. She lets out a huge sigh. “Let me explain this YET again. Xavier is the focus. She is the AUTHOR…”

But the book is about us.

“Yes but she wrote it.”

But it is about-

“Justin!” her snap is followed by her rubbing her temples. “Can we just agree to disagree please?”

Fine. *mumbles under my breath* It’s really OUR day in the spotlight….

“I heard that!”

*watches as Aiden uploads the link*

You guys should check it out. It’s a great blog to find new writers and see a glimpse of us…. by the way Mcv Egan…*smiles widely and tips fedora* How can I ever thank you enough?

Peyton clears her throat and shoves her hands on her hips, “Like this! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!”

I watch as she storms off. Well…I should probably got fix that….

05/09/14 LB on Fbook…..
*Leans against the stair railing* What are you doing?Peter stops digging under Xavier’s desk. “What does it look like?”

Like you’re writing your own death scene.

Peter winks and slides a lollipop in his mouth, “Nah.” He returns to sorting through stacks of books, “I’m looking for the copies of our book she got.”


“So I can sign them.”

Why would you sign them?

“Because it’s MY book.”

*Thinks to self, no. It’s OUR book* *Rolls eyes* You do know it’s the AUTHOR that signs those right?

Frustrated he tosses one of her books on the floor and crosses his arms over his chest, “Since when?”

Uh…since always.

“Well that’s stupid.”

*Shaking my head as I walk away from him* Yeah THAT’S what’s stupid….


05/16/14 LB on Facebook

Kristines version

Featured on http://www.facebook.com/OutrageousHeroes


I raise my eyebrows. I think this could be pretty accurate.

Peyton smiles and shrugs, “Maybe. Maybe not.”

My face frowns. I fold my arms across my chest. What do you mean maybe not?

She merely smirks and walks away. Saying nothing.

What does she mean maybe not? I am hot. And a hero. You know what? You read it. You judge….(but judge accurately…)


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