Neverland Novels




For 17-year-old Peyton Darling, life isn’t about the extravagant art showings her world-famous father is responsible for or the lavish lunches her ex-model mother loves to attend but the few moments with her sketchbook in between.

That is, of course, until Peyton’s path is crossed by Justin, a handsome, fedora-wearing stranger who has quite the knack for charming ladies, car chases, sword fights, and of course, art.

Peyton becomes drawn into Justin’s subterfuges alongside his gang of Lost Boys, who could easily put the FBI’s most-wanted thieves to shame. She is introduced to the petulant Peter, a pair of nerdy twins, and a sassy, bobbed-hair princess type who will only answer to “Belle.”

It becomes evident that this band needs Peyton’s help to procure and copy the enigmatic painting Sous Clef as part of a plot that she can only pretend to understand—at first. Between the secrets her family has kept from her and those of her new, so-called friends, for Peyton, loyalty, family, friendship, and innocence are all about to Get Lost.

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One thought on “Neverland Novels

  1. Stefanie (ดอกแก้ว)

    As a huge fan of Peter Pan, I will certainly add this to my TBR list!

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